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Welcome to Carter Security Limited, we’re an independent security system provider comprised of industry experts. Operating throughout the UK, we have more than a decade’s experience providing residential and commercial security solutions.

We understand that all security requirements are unique in terms of function and cost. But at Carter Security, we also know that each will always aspire to achieve the highest level of security. To ensure this happens, our team of engineers will be available to advise and assist at every step of the process: from the free initial quote and site survey, to the installation of the best security systems to suit your requirements.

With our extensive knowledge of supplying, installing and maintaining a range of professional security systems – from access control and automated gates, to CCTV and burglar alarms – we guarantee effective and efficient security solutions to protect your home or business.

Home Security

The Office for National Statistics estimated 743,000 incidents of domestic burglary across England and Wales for the year ending September 2015. These estimates are 30% lower than those reported in 2005 and while this is encouraging news, Carter Security are dedicated to reducing them even further.

At Carter Security, we pride ourselves on creating advanced home security systems that build on the strength of deterrence. While this can be achieved naturally through visible occupancy, occupancy isn’t always possible. Furthermore, occupancy alone does not guarantee a consistent level of sufficient protection, particularly at night. Our home security solutions take the protection of sheds and garages into account, providing your home with a comprehensive defence from all domestic property threats.

Britain’s burglary hotspots tend to be in London. No matter if you’re in Lambeth, Kent or Essex, with Carter Security, you can expect the best home security systems to keep your family and belongings safe.

Commercial Security

Although many UK businesses are increasingly putting resources towards fighting cyber-crime, physical security for businesses is equally important.

In the key findings from the most recent official statistics on crimes against businesses, there were 5.5 million estimated crimes against businesses between 2012 and 2014, with 37 per cent of commercial premises experiencing crime. In 2013 in particular, wholesale and retail premises based in London experienced the highest rate of crime.

Carter Security specialise in the evaluation and application of advanced commercial security systems. With our service, you’ll have greater control over access to your business, enhanced visibility as well as sirens and sounders.

Advanced Wireless Security Options

At Carter Security Limited we understand that it is paramount to secure your home or business against crime. That’s why we provide the most advanced and convenient security technology - such as wireless systems - to prevent and deter criminals.

Carter Security Limited offers a free no obligation security survey whether it’s a small domestic intruder alarm or a multi-site integrated security system.

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