August 12th, 2016

Garden Security Tips

Certain property features can be seen as either an opportunity or a challenge for burglars analysing a building.

When establishing a comprehensive property protection solution, your security system supplier must assess your garden for vulnerabilities. For example, as the Metropolitan Police have stated, hedges should not be more than 1 metre high so properties are clearly visible.

Although aspects of your garden can impair the security of your home, there are also opportunities for using natural features to complement it. Garden hedges, trees and even your choice of plants can have an impact on how burglars view your property, and whether they see entry opportunities or challenges.


Don’t hide your home behind tall hedges

Unfortunately, privacy can be a double edged sword. Whilst hedges and trees may protect you from unwanted attention, they can also hide you away from the protective gaze of your local neighbourhood watch. Houses which are concealed behind shrub screens are more likely to be targeted by burglars, who feel less at risk of being seen and reported.

Not only do untrimmed hedges prevent natural surveillance, but they could also interfere with CCTV surveillance systems and motion-sensitive security lighting. Blocking light and creating shadows provides hiding places for burglars to observe and approach a property with with relative ease.

One of the best ways to combat this issue is to keep hedges well maintained. With between 59% and 82% of domestic property crimes in England and Wales occurring during the night, strategically placed motion-sensitive lights can act as a highly effective security measure—provided they are not obstructed by tall hedges and trees.

Keeping doors and windows in clear view of passersby is also a good way to stay protected. Low hedges will still offer you privacy without affecting your home security.


Guard windows with thorns and spikes

Home intrusions are rarely highly organised; many are carried out quickly by opportunistic criminals who live near the targeted property. Deterring these potential thieves and making a break in look like more effort than it’s worth will significantly lower your chances of being targeted.

Highly visible intruder alarms remain the most effective form of deterrent against burglary, but there are ways that your garden can aid traditional security systems too. For example, defensive planting is recommended alongside security systems by both police authorities and security system suppliers to property owners across the UK.

The metropolitan police have collated a list of 30 plants which can be used to help guard entrance opportunities in addition to existing security products. Thorns, spines and prickly stems are the key features of this flora which make them particularly effective for the purpose of boosting security.

They may take time to grow into part of your home defence set up, but once they do, they can be an affordable, low maintenance and even aesthetically pleasing form of security. In the meantime, make sure your property security has the best possible start with a free site survey from Carter Security.

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