October 25th, 2016

Keeping Your Home Safe on Halloween

On that late October night when it seems to get darker even sooner than usual, and the trick or treaters start knocking, you’d be forgiven for feeling nervous. After all, the prospect of opening your door to strangers—even if they’re wearing adorable costumes—can be a daunting one, particularly knowing that there is a 160% increase in property vandalism, just on Halloween itself.

So how can you guarantee security for you and your home on what is, in all respects, the spookiest night of the year?

If you’re out, set your alarm

In the excitement of Halloween, it’s sometimes easy to forget the small details. Make sure you take the time to set your burglar alarm before taking your children out trick or treating is extremely important, as well as locking all doors and windows. After all, Halloween isn’t just a time for costumed children taking your sweets; you might have some more sinister characters trying to take some more valuable items from your home.

Having a burglar alarm visible on the outside of your house is a major deterrent against burglars. There are also other means to put intruders off which can be done whilst you are out of the house; closing your curtains and leaving lights on in the front rooms of your house will give the impression that your home is occupied.

If you’re in, know who’s knocking

Statistics have shown that trick or treaters usually finish haunting your home around 8pm, so if you do decide to accommodate your masked visitors, you should always be certain who you’re opening your door to. Installing a home CCTV system may seem like an extreme option just for Halloween, but it will provide a “statistically significant reduction in crime” all year round, according to the Police. CCTV is beneficial in these circumstances, as simply having security cameras around your home acts as a deterrent to any unwanted visitors.

Make sure your security system works

Setting your alarm and keeping tabs on anyone approaching your property is all well and good, but if the security systems in your house don’t work, there’s little point having them there. While some alarm systems are easy to detect faults with, you put your home and yourself in danger if you don’t get them inspected or maintained.

Carter Security offers regular servicing and testing on all of our home security products, in full compliance with the stipulations of insurance policies. We also offer security system maintenance on a basis which best suits your security needs. So if you want to make sure the ghouls and ghosts of Halloween can’t get into your home, getting your home security alarm serviced before the end of October is essential.

For more information about how to keep your home safe at Halloween, or any time of year, contact us today.

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