Carter Security Limited offer a range of keyless access control solutions for the security of homes and businesses throughout London, Kent and Essex.

As the name implies, access control enables you to control access to specific parts of a premises. Whether you’re looking for a single door entry system with audio or a video entry system with a multi-site computer based system, we’ve got you covered.


Carter Security can ensure an enhanced level of security for residential properties, including blocks of flats and sheltered housing, with a range of access control systems.

For owners of premises such as blocks of flats, restricting access to the building itself, or features such as elevators and stairwells, will be essential for guaranteeing the security of residents. Through preventing unwanted access, you can also reduce the likelihood of encountering the effects of anti social behaviour such as graffiti.

Our access control solutions are far more effective and convenient than using traditional keys and locks. When access is controlled through keys alone, allowing guests to enter or leave a residence can involve having to manually unlock a gate. Furthermore, if keys are lost or stolen, locks must be replaced and new keys will have to be assigned. With the technology behind access control, including smart cards (which can be deactivated remotely) and keypads, such issues can be completely avoided.


We have access control solutions for businesses of all sizes. Following a free quote and site survey from Carter Security, you can guarantee the best state-of-the-art door entry systems to keep your business secure.

Our commercial access control systems have the benefit of allowing users to edit access and create new passes to certain areas at any time. This can be particularly convenient for speedily setting up new members of personnel with the access they need. Such measures will ensure that guests are prevented from accessing restricted zones, and the presence of access control alone will also boost the level of security and safety in general.

Access control can be networked and controlled remotely at your request. For example, you may choose to have access controlled at your business’s headquarters by computer. This enables you to manage access across identities, monitor times of arrival and attendance.

Based on your requirements, we can install a variety of access control solutions ranging from entrance keypads and proximity readers, to video intercom systems. We can also ensure that your access control systems are fully integrated with existing security components such as intruder alarms and CCTV.

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